Ordering Your Dulcimer

  Features include a 1.5" wide fretboard, an accurate 27.75" 15-fret scale -including numbers 6 1/2 and 13 1/2 - a fully compensated bridge (usually only found on handmade guitars), a zero fret/nut for consistent action and ease of tuning, and precise Gotoh guitar tuners so your instrument plays in tune, and tunes easily. They come in 3, 4 (double melody or equidistant), or 6 strings (in pairs). All instruments are hand-rubbed with a polyurethane gel that produces a hard finish with a natural, soft luster. Average dimensions are 35" in length, 8" in width, and 2 1/4" in depth (top to back, not including the fingerboard) I set up my dulcimers for D-A-D' tuning, unless otherwise specified (DAA for example). more...



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Ron Ewing Dulcimers
224 East Maynard Avenue,  Columbus OH, 43202   (614) 263-7246