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12/11 Hammer Dulcimer
Walnut and Cedar with nickel pins

Click for larger view of the 15 14 Hammer Dulcimer built by Ron Ewing

15/14 Hammer Dulcimer
Cherry and Redwood with black pins


How To Order Your Hammer Dulcimer

 Hammer Dulcimers: 12/11's and 15/14's. Birch plywood back; redwood, cedar, or spruce floating top; hardwood rails, trim, and bridges (walnut, cherry, exotic,  etc.), delrin bridge caps for ease of tuning and reduced sustain, laminated pin blocks. Soundholes include hearts, birds, ovals, shamrocks, etc. All instruments include hammers, tuning wrench, a lifetime guarantee, and the sort of workmanship one would expect with 30 plus years of experience. My instruments are light, warm, and beautiful, with moderate sustain.


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Ron Ewing Dulcimers
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