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Price List

When ordering instruments I suggest giving me a quick call at 614-263-7246 to let me walk you through the process, as there are numerous choices to make and lots of questions that need answers.

For capos, straps, cases, etc., simply send me a check and I'll mail them back to you first class.


Group One 4 string teardrop, tearell with chrome Gotoh machines


Hourglass, Aorell


Group Two Woods (2 piece back)

Exotic woods (curly koa, claro walnut, rosewood, etc - inquire")

Add $35.00

Ebony or rosewood fingerboard overlay - inquire


6 string (3 doubled courses)

Add $50.00

BARITONE:  29.5" SL, AEA' tuning, larger body, deeper sound.

Add $75.00



Teardrop, 4 string, chrome machines


Aorell, Hourglass


6 string with R, G, or A head

Add $50.00

Baritone Dulcimette: fuller sound, bigger body, tuned AEA' also

Add $75.00



Brass, ebony, or silver position dots @ 3, 7, 10, & 14 frets

Add $15.00

Gold or Black machines, 4 string

Add $20.00


Hammer Dulcimer







Foam-padded soft nylon case
Note: Cases are only available in black

* $45.00

Same for Dulcimette

* $35.00

Same for Hammer Dulcimer

* $120.00



  * Discounted price with instrument  

Capos, and Straps

Sue Carpenter Dulcimer Strap
(red, green, rainbow, black)

* $23 by check  
   $24 by PayPal
Standard capo in walnut or cherry with brass dot * $24 by check
   $25 by PayPal
Double Overlay Pearl Capo * $34 by check
   $35 by PayPal

  * First Class Mail included.
     Send PayPal to
  * For International orders add $12.00.




(on average) $35.00


(on average) $45.00

Hammer Dulcimers



Payment Methods

Orders are accepted for a 50% deposit with the balance due upon completion, plus shipping and handling. For quicker service send the full amount. Delivery can usually be made in 4 - 8 weeks.

I can also accept PayPal (+ their 3% on instrument orders) sent to me at Log into your account, click Send Money, and enter into the TO field, and fill in the proper amount.

Ron Ewing
224 East Maynard Avenue
Columbus OH, 43202
PH 614-263-7246


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