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Baritones are larger dulcimers with 29 1/2" scales, typically tuned AEA' or GDG' below a standard dulcimer, with a correspondingly bigger, deeper sound - really majestic on slow tunes, and ballsy like an Irish octave mandolin on flat-picked reels and jigs.  A true baritone is not just a standard dulcimer with heavy strings - you really need the longer string length, bigger body, and altered bracing and bridge to optimize the sound.  They come in 3, 4, 6, and 8 string varieties, with average dimensions about 2" longer than a standard dulcimer.  With a 1 1/2 fret they also have a larger variety of chords for backup work than a typical DAD' instrument.  An interesting equidistant 4 or 8 string option is ADAD' or ADAE' tuning (from low to high) that gives you more range, mirroring an octave mandolin - a baritone and standard combined in one instrument, with the ability to remove one outside course or the other, if you wish to play only 3 at a time.  All instruments are hand-rubbed with a polyurethane gel that produces a hard finish with a natural, soft luster. I can also build DAD' instruments with this scale length for a fuller sound and more sustain.


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